The Science of BBQ Rubs by Angus & Oink

Angus & Oink
The Science of BBQ Rubs by Angus & Oink. Find more about how Angus & Oink prepare their rubs and sauces. Buy online or visit The BBQ Shop at Debden Barns

At Angus & Oink they have been involved with BBQ as a business for the last 2-3 years and make some wicked BBQ rubs, but they have been avid BBQ’ers for over 20 years. They lived and worked in South America from cattle crazed Argentina to the spicy life of Mexico and most placed in between including a lot of time in Texas and Louisiana in the oil patch. From these roots in these Southern American lands they came back to roost in Scotland and started Angus & Oink via an excursion to Saudi Arbia.

They started producing hot sauce that they had encountered around Latin America and the US but quickly realized that authentic seasonings and barbecue rubs were hard to come by in the UK. El Paso, Encona and the likes simply were not authentic or robust in their depth of flavours.

So it’s easy to make a bbq rub! Salt, sugar, aromatics are the basis of BBQ rubs. But use table salt, white sugar and stale herbs & spices, well you would be as well pour washing powder on your meat.

The balance of flavour in important whether you are cooking at home for friends and family or competing with expensive cuts of meat to win a competition. Selecting the right ingredients is key. At Angus & Oink, they stock 8 different kinds of sugars and 6 different salts where they consider the burning point, the dissolution rate, the particle size and the chain reaction of the rub as it is applied to the meat and during the cook. Consider the balance of the rub with the meat flavour through the cooking process and how it might taste and look on the end product.

A tasty meal or turn in box is the goal and understanding what you want to achieve is important whether it be deep umami flavour and savoury notes, good bark, colour, residual sweetness, saltiness.


Angus & Oink have worked with one of the UK’s top spice importers since they began their seasoning journey and it is mind blowing the differences between shop bought cumin for example and cumin that is freshly ground.

The same goes for any spice or aromatic ingredient. Natural oils are prone to evaporation even when packaged so their supply chain delivers the freshest possible ingredients for the blending process. The uplift in flavour a fresh spice gives compared to inferior, older spices is a game changer. Noting the provenance of spices is equally important – oregano for example can come from a variety of sources in leaf form or powdered. Is there any difference… surely Oregano is Oregano! But the difference is incredible from Chilean to Mexican, from Romanian to Italian.

To ensure a consistent product you have to trust your supply chain to deliver pungent and fresh ingredients that deliver on flavour and source from the same locations time and time again.You can browse and buy Angus & Oink Rubs & Sauces here in store at Debden Barns, Saffron Walden, or online, for a quick delivery.